Membership Info

Membership Requirements:

The Caballeros Alumni Corps is open to anyone meeting the following qualifications:

  1. Minimum age, based on experience..
  2. A former member in good standing of a marching & maneuvering musical unit with a minimum of three years experience.
  3. Must make a commitment to the full rehearsal / appearance schedule.
  4. Willing to fill any spot assigned by either Music, Percussion or Visual Instructors.

There is no initial membership fee, however, each member will purchase his/her own uniform at $350, which includes a sombrero, but does not include plain-toe black patent leather shoes, which must also be purchased by the new member.  Annual dues are $120 beginning the second year of membership.  Annual dues may be paid in full (cash, check or money order) or in monthly installments of $10 per month, payable by the 15th of each month.

To apply for membership, contact:

Chris Sortino, Director